Tube cheese press

Capacity 2-6 stamps

The tube cheese press is designed to press small quantities of the same size of molds in a stack (1 lbs – 8.8 lbs)

The cheese press is determined by the number of pressing stamps and the size of the molds to be pressed.

The pressure can be adjusted by changing the position of the weight on the lever arm.

The cheese press is made of stainless steel and the tubes are made of stainless steel or plastic.

A whey collection plate with drain is placed on top of the table.

2 stamps tube cheese press with plastic tubes (2.2 lbs and 4.4 lbs)

2 stamps tube cheese press with stainless steel ‘tubes’ (2.2 lbs and 4.4 lbs)

The tube cheese press can be delivered as a complete cheese making set