Tools & Accessories

We sell a variety of tools and accessories from stock at our location in the USA / Please call for price and ordering

PH meter with special dairy sensor and temperature compensation + Buffer PH 4.01 and 7.01 and cleaning solutions

Electronic precision scale and calibration weight Electronic timer

Cheese sampler

Brine weigher to check the salt percentage in the brine

Curd cutting knife

Curd mixing paddle

Short handle brush  

 Long handle Brush

Measuring cups

Chlorine test strips

Small and large curd bags

Anderson temperature recorder with product and airspace thermometers

Anderson product thermometer bracket to use in production vat

Milk inlet pipe for pasteurizer – cheese vat / 2″ with 1-1/2″ milk connection

Anderson thermometer wall bracket

Wall bracket for utensils
Wall brackets for cheese vat lids

Curd collector

Whey container with curd sieve and whey pump

Humidifier for cheese ripening room

Heat exchanger in many sizes to fit any operation

Hole puncher for Blue cheese 

Butter mold