Pneumatic cheese press

Capacity 2-8 cylinders.

The pneumatic cheese press is very easy to operate.

The capacity of the cheese press is determined by the number of cylinders and the size of molds to be pressed.

Each cylinder can be mounted with a single or double pressing stamp.

A level arm is used for double pressing stamps to ensure evenly pressing of the molds.

The cheese press is entirely made of stainless steel and mounted on stainless steel adjustable legs.

A whey collection plate with drain is placed on top of the table.

Each cylinder has its own control set consisting of an up/down switch, pressure controller and pressure gauge.

A compressor can be supplied with the press.

Different sizes of molds can be used at the same time on the same press

Stainless steel or aluminum pressing plates are used between the molds to stack

Six cylinder pneumatic cheese press. 

Cheese molds can be delivered with the press for very competitive prices!

Special cheese presses can be designed to meet specific requirements