Ice accumulator & Chillers

We offer ice accumulators and chillers for small and large capacities.

An ice-accumulator makes ice over a period of time and can be used to cool down products in a short time.

A chiller provides cooling for a longer period of time; but for quick cooling, larger cooling compressors are required.

Our ice accumulators are made with double stainless steel insulated walls with an overhead refrigeration unit.

The evaporator that forms the ice has a large surface area to have a very efficient melting cycle that results inquick cooling of the product. The ice diameter is determined by an ice-thickness controller that makes this machine very energy efficient!

A pump is built-in or attached for the circulation of the cooling water.

The water chiller supplies a continuous cooling capacity

Complete set-up for brine cooling

Ice accumulator of 1500 liters / 296 gallons

Ice-accumulator 4,000 liters / 109 KW – 372,000 BTU