Cheese molds

Besides our main line of Kadova cheese molds, we also offer stainless steel molds and multi mold systems. The Kadova cheese molds are suitable for semi and hard types of cheeses. The mold consist of a mold, mold-liner, lid and lid-liner. The molds are easy to handle and durable and are easy to clean. All cheese molds are produced with FDA approved materials.

Kadova type of cheese molds:
– Baby Gouda
– Gouda
– Edam
– Loaf   Show dimensions Kadova cheese molds
– Tomme 
– St. Paulin
– Manchego
– Cylindrical

Kadova Gouda cheese molds

Kadova loaf cheese mold

Stainless steel Cheddar mold available in 20 and 40 lbs

Multi-mold system

Multi-mold system for Brie and Camambert

Cheese molds for soft types of cheeses