HTST Pasteurizer

Capacity 132-5,283 gallon / 500-20,000 liter per hour.

All our High Temperature Short Time pasteurizers are custom made.
The pasteurizer has a high efficiency heat exchanger with a section for
pre-heating, pasteurization, regeneration and cooling.
Energy regeneration up to 95% can be reached.
The product is heated to at least 161°F / 72°C with a holding time of 15 seconds.
The pasteurizer can be designed for higher temperatures and longer holding times
for other products.
The pasteurizer is controlled by a PLC.
All our pasteurizers are designed according the 3A and PMO standards.

All the pasteurizers are build on a skid for easy installation and cleaning

Pasteurizer for yogurt milk - heated to 185°F / 85°C for 5 minutes

The pasteurizer is cleaned with a CIP unit (Clean in Place)

Holding tube

Constant level tank with electronic level control