Oblong cheese vat

Sizes from 580 to 2,000 gallons / 2,200 to 7,570 liters

All our cheese vats are made of triple stainless steel walls with insulated jackets.
Hot or cold water can circulate through a spray-pipe in the jacket of the vat.

Oblong cheese vat 580 gallon / 2,200 liter

Oblong cheese vat 2,000 gallon / 7,500 liter

The cheese vat is standard delivered with:                      

- 3-6 Curd cutting knives                           
- 1-2 Milk stirrers
- 2-
4 Stir strips
Measuring stick
- Programmable logic controller (PLC)
- Touch screen to operate the cheese vat
Speed control for stirring and drive
- Digital thermostat with outlets 110/220V
Automatic speeding up for curd cutting
Pneumatic tipping mechanism
Special drain valve with 3A certification
6 adjustable legs
4 Part lid
Integrated control box with:
Main Switch
Motor cutting/stirring 
Motor acceleration slow/fast
- Digital thermometer/thermostat
- Temperature cooling/heating
2 Emergency switches


- Dry curd stirrers
- Drainage and pre-pressing system integrated in the vat!