About us

C. van 't Riet / Dairy Technology USA

Our company is specialized in manufacturing milk processing and cheese making equipment for small farm operations and industrial facilities. 
We have more than 125 years of experience in developing  of equipment for the production of cheese, yogurt,  butter,  Ice-cream, bottled milk.
Besides a standard line of equipment,  we also offer custom made products to meet specific requirements of our clients.
The equipment manufactured for the USA and Canada  is designed to meet the sanitary 3A standards and the PMO requirements.

Harold J Schuller and his wife Kathy Schuller are our representatives for the USA and Canada. 
Before Harold  relocated in the USA, he was the technical manager of C. van 't Riet.
He has a wide experience in product development, cheese making, milk processing and technical support.

Harold J Schuller

Kathy Schuller

Our goal is to have 100% customer satisfaction. 

We try to reach that goal by providing high quality equipment, outstanding customer service and support.
We encourage people to contact any of our existing clients to hear about their experience working with our company.

We also support our clients with the start-up and making the first product.


The company was established in the Netherlands by Cornelis van 't Riet in 1888.
SInce then the company has exported the machines throughout the world.

Assembling of equipment in the workshop

Equipment installed

C. van 't Riet Dairy Technology uses ultra-modern ortbital computerized welding techniques